Workflow UI URLs

Start a workflow and seed it with data without an API key.

Start Workflow: /form/:org/:forge

Kick off a workflow with this URL. You can construct this URL and send it to a client to use in their browser. This is a simple way to integrate a workflow into your app: create these URLs and link your users to them in your app.${organization.slug}/${forge.slug}?d={...}

When the user hits the link in their browser, Anvil will create a Submission and WeldData, then redirect them to the submission URL:${submissionEid}

Query Parameters

  • d - pass a ?d=${jsonData} query param to seed a workflow.
    • jsonData is in a {key: value} form, where key corresponds to a Forge field id and value is the data you want in the forge field.
    • jsonData can be encrypted via the encryptRSA() func from our encryption lib, or a raw JSON string.
  • test - pass ?test=true to create a test item. Test items will use our demo signatures and will show on your dashboard under Test mode in the dropdown.

Finding URL Slugs

Find the slugs for the URL either by

  1. Using the GraphQL API and fetching your organization and related objects
  2. Going through the workflow and noting the slugs used by Anvil

URL slugs in url

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