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Summary of the different PDF field types. Properly setting the field type on a PDF, will help ensure information is properly formatted when it is printed onto the PDF form.

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Short Text

A simple field that accepts any alphanumeric text, including symbols like "-, *, &, ., ?" as well as emoji's "👍, 🎉, etc."

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A simple field that will print out a date. Includes the following common date formats when filling in the blank PDF field.

  • MM/DD/YYYY (example: 10/10/2020)
  • MMM DD YYYY (example: Oct 10 2020)
  • MMMM DD, YYYY (example: October 10th, 2020)
  • YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2020-10-10)

Other date formats are supported, please reach out to for more information.

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Name field, supports name fields in the following formats.

  • One field for the entire name.
  • Two fields, one for the first name and one for the last name.
  • Three fields, one for the first name, one for the middle initial, and one for the last name.

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Email field type.

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Will format a phone number to be (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

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US Address

Formatted address field. Support addresses, being printed in the following formats.

  • All in one field - One box where the entire address is printed.
  • Line 1 and Line 2 - Two boxes where the first box is the Street Address, and the second box will contain the City, State, and Zip.
  • Street, City, State, Zip - Separate boxes for the Street Address, City, two letter State code and Zip code.

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Social Security Number

Encrypted field for entering social security numbers. Numbers will be automatically formatted into xx-xxx-xxxx.

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Tax ID Number (EIN)

Encrypted field for entering EIN numbers. Number will be automatically formatted into xx-xxxxxxx.

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A single box that can be selected. Boxes will be filled in with an "x".

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Radio Group

A grouping of checkboxes where the users is only allowed to select a single option. The selected option will be filled in with an "x".

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Decimal Number

Numbers that can include values after a decimal point. Formats include.

  • With Commas & 2 Decimals (example 1,234.56)
  • Without commas & 2 Decimals" (example 1234.56)

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Dollar values with the following formats.

  • Dollar Sign $ Cents - (example $12.34)
  • No Dollar Sign $ Cents - (example 12.34) - Used if there is already a $ printed on the form.
  • Dollar Sign, No Cents - (example $12) - Used if the form is asking for round number dollar amounts.
  • No Dollar Sign, No Cents - (example 12) - Used if the form already has a $ printed on the form, and is asking for round number dollar amounts.

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Integer numbers (round numbers, positive and negative). Includes the following formats.

  • With Commas - (example 1,234)
  • Without Commas - (example 1234)

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Percentage field, with the following formats.

  • Percent sign with decimal - (example 35.5%)
  • Percent sign, no decimal - (example 35%) - Will not print any numbers to the right of a decimal point.
  • No sign, with decimal - (example 35.5) - Used if the form already has a % printed.
  • No sign, no decimal - (example 35) - Used if the form already has a % printed, and is asking for round number percentage amounts.

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Long Text (Paragraph)

A large box where text will wrap to the next line.

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Text: Boxes Per Letter

Used for forms that have a single box for each letter. This format is often used for phone numbers and social security numbers.

To use, first create a Text: Boxes Per Letter field on the PDF. Then change the input type on the Web Form. Anvil will automatically separate the input value into characters, and place each character into it's own box.

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Text: Boxes Per Line

Multi-line paragraph where you can specify the boundaries of each line. Useful if there are pre-printed lines on the form, or if the space for the text is not a regular rectangle shape.

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Render an image within the box on the PDF.

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A box where someone must sign.

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A box where someone must initial.

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Signature Date

A date box where the date of a signature will be automatically printed.

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