How To: Create Radio Groups

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Create radio groups to ensure that only one option can be selected.


Radio Groups are a way to limit a users selection on a PDF to a single option. Radio Groups create a Dropdown Menu on the Web Form, where the selection choices are each of the Radio Group options.

Instructions on how to navigate to the PDF Editor →

Creating a Radio Group

  1. Select a box that is an option in the Radio Group.
  2. Change the type of the box to be Radio Group.
  3. At the bottom of the Configuration Menu, click on the blue "add another option" button.


  1. Now click or draw another box that is part of the Radio Group.
  2. Continue adding Radio Group options until all options have been added to the Radio Group.

Change the Name of an Option

Changing the Name of an option on a PDF will change the name of the option displayed in the corresponding Dropdown Menu on the Web Form.

  1. Select any option that is part of the Radio Group you would like to edit.
  2. Click on the title of an OPTION. You will know which option is selected based on the thick black border around the selected option's box.
  3. In the Configuration Menu, type in the correct Option Name in the SELECTED OPTION NAME field.

change option name

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