How To: Connect DocuSign for Signatures

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Adding DocuSign as a Signature Provider.


You can integrate DocuSign with Anvil to request signatures at the end of a workflow. This post explores how to connect your DocuSign account.

Instructions on how to navigate to the Organization Settings Page →

Connect DocuSign

  1. Notice the ORG SETTINGS column on the lefthand side of the page. Find the Integrations option and click it.

Organization Settings Page

  1. Find the DocuSign Integration Card and click the "Connect to DocuSign" button.

Docusign Connect Card

  1. You will be redirected to DocuSign where you can authenticate with your DocuSign crendentials.

Docusign Authenticate View

  1. On success, you will be redirected back to the Integrations page and your DocuSign account should appear as linked on the integrations card.

Docusign Disconnect Card


You must have an active Docusign subscription to integrate for eSignatures. Anvil provides a similar and more competively priced service called Etch. Read more about Etch here →

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