How To: Add Explanation Text to Web Forms

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Adding explanation text as a field within a Web Form.


You can add explanation text as a field anywhere within a Web Form. The explanation text type field supports markdown which offers a range of text customization options. Read more about writing markdown here →

Instructions on how to navigate to the Web Form Editor →

Adding the Markdown Field to a Web Form

  1. Ensure the toolbar at the top of the Web Form Editor is toggled to "Build Mode".

Build Mode

  1. Hover inbetween two fields on a Web Form and click the + circle icon.
  2. Then click the "Add Explanation Text" option from the Dropdown list.

Add Explanation Text

  1. Click on the newly added field and locate the Configuration Menu on the righthand side of the Web Form Editor.
  2. Locate the "Content" input at the top of the Configuration Menu and add markdown text.

Add Markdown


This field will not output data to a PDF unless it is later mapped to a PDF Box.

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