How To: Combine Fields that are the same

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Combining fields in a Web Form that collect the same information.


In a Web Form you can map like fields to eachother. This allows you to only collect the necessary information once and map it to as many PDF fields as required.

Instructions on how to navigate to the Web Form Editor →

Change the Ordering of Web Form Fields

  1. Ensure the toolbar at the top of the Web Form Editor is toggled to "Build Mode".
    Build Mode
  2. Hover over a Web Form field and click on the field.
  3. Find the "Combine another field into this one" blue button on the Configuration Menu located on the right hand side of the screen and click it.

Selected Field

  1. Hover over the field to be combined to and click it. The field will be removed as the data value is marked as being the same, it will only be collected in the Web Form once.

Combining Fields


You can only map similar fields to each other if they have the same type.

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