How To: Download Files for a Submission

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How to download the any associated files for a submission.


How to download the files for a submission. These files are available for download at any step of the workflow completion process. Both generated PDFs as well as other files (such as photo of a drivers liscense, etc)

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Find the Submission

  1. Find the submission on the Workflow Dashboard.

WorkFlow Dashboard Submissions

  1. Click on the submission title and you will be redirected to a page with more a preview of some of the submission data.

Individual Submission View

  1. Notice the selected tab "Form Data" as well as the "File Output" tab on the top right of the screen.

File Output

  1. Click the "File Output" tab.

Download the Files

  1. Find the "download all as a zip file" blue link button and click it. You can also download each individual file by locating the blue circle cloud icon on the right hand side of the file listing and clicking it.

Submission View File Output

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