How To: Filter Submissions

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How to filter submissions.


How to filter submission by status, type, and date.

Instructions on how to navigate to the Workflow Dashboard →

  1. Find the "More Filters" faded grey button on the Workflow Dashboard. It should be centrally located on the page in between the type Dropdown (Live Submissions, Archived Submissions, Test Submissions) and the green start button.

WorkFlow Dashboard Submissions

  1. Click on the "More Filters" button and you will be redirected to a page with filtering options

Submission Filter View

Filter the Submissions

  1. There are three Dropdown menus for filtering on a different specific criteria:

    • The first one is for filtering between:

      • In Progress
      • Awaiting Signatures
      • Completed Submissions
    • The second is for filtering on:

      • Live
      • Archived
      • Test Submissions
    • The final is for selecting a date range. You can provide a custom date range or select:

      • Last 7 Days
      • Last 30 Days
      • All Time.

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