How To: Test a Workflow

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How to test a workflow.


How to tng itest a Workflow by marking the submission as "Test". You can toggle between viewing:

  • Live
  • Archived
  • Test Submissionsa

making it easy to differentiate between current, archived and test submissions. This post will explore how to enable "Test" Submissions so you can sample what your clients form filling experience will be before they fill out their respective Workflows.

Instructions on how to navigate to the Workflow Dashboard →

Enable Test Submissions

  1. Notice the Dropdown directly under the Workflow title. The default option is "Live Submissions".

Live Submissions

  1. Click on the Dropdown and toggle to "Test Submissions".

All Workflow Options

  1. Notice the Start Button to the right of the Dropdown is now pink. Now any submissions started from the Workflow Dashboard will be marked as a "Test" Submission.

Test Submissions

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